5 Fun Camping Activities For The Whole Family

Who doesn't love a good old-fashion camping trip get away from everyday stress. Camping can be fun for people of all ages and interests!

Either relax in your hammock, Hike natures paradise, or anything in between. We've put together a list of fun camping games, activities and adventures to to pursue while your camping. This is great for anywhere you camo.

1. Fishing

Fishing PAge BAnner - Mackenzie Region

 A great number of camp grounds offer a few fishing sites, the only problem is, you will need proper Fish & Game License. Fishing is also a great way to learn about nature nd the under water world.


Most parents struggles with the screen-based technologies that threaten to occupy kid every waking moment. Help them put it away and show them what nature's paradise have to offer. Whether its a weekend get away or the beach, fishing will always be good way to out and observe what's around.

Challenging the minds and teaching patience is also a great way to go out and fish. As they keep practicing their confidence will grow along with them. A good place to for kids to start is with a Fishing Kit that suits the lake, river, or sea.

2. Catch - Baseball, Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Spikeball 

Just plainly catching is already a great camping vibe. You will most likely have to bring your own equipment, but as long as you’re okay with doing that, you can have a lot of fun playing these sports at campgrounds. 



A respective competitive game is a fun way to get the family together. Just be creative like relay races, obstacle course, etc.

Hangout throw a few, kick a few and enjoy!

3. Hike & Watch Wildlife

Put your nature photography to the test! Or even nature collect. Consider starting a rock, leaf, or flower collection

Guy-hiking-outdoors – Veranda Sun Boulder Tanning Salon

If your not very good at photography, try sketching, it's quite relaxing and allows you o capture the beauty around you, it requires you to be attentive to details giving you a new appreciation for nature.

Make sure your never caught dead with your phone! Emergency backup is always a great idea if your new to hiking trails.

 4. Meditate or Set Up A Hammock

Set up a hammock on your campsite and spend time swinging and watch the clouds. Watching the clouds drift by can be relaxing. Reflect on life for a great opportunity you have or maybe read a book. In this time, nature will help you recharge!


You might also try laying on that same blanket and doing some intentional listening. Listen to the birds, the wind, the tide, or a nearby stream. All of these sounds are soothing, helping you relax and reset.

Nighttime Camping Activities

5. Stargaze, Make Smores, Music, and Story Tell

The night sky is a fascinating thing. Why not spend some time appreciating all the wonders it has to offer? Stargazing while using an app such as Sky Guide is a lot of fun, as is looking through a telescope. This is one of our favorite things to do while camping at night.

Of course, you absolutely must make s’mores. Use the traditional recipe we all know and love, or try one of these twists on the old favorite

Campfire songs are also a camping classic. Whether you choose to play an instrument such as a guitar or simply sing Capella, camp songs such as “Down by the Bay” and “Clementine” are sure to be enjoyed by all. Or even singing!



Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog! Hope you enjoyed it! Please leave comment/feedback on how it is.

-Gio Manguray

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