Fall Camping Recipes


If your planning to do some Fall/Winter camping, this camping menu of seasonal recipes is just for you. Even if your staying in a Cabin or a Tent, this menu is perfect to stay cozy!

1. Burritos

Easy to make and everyone loves burritos! You can even pre make some wrap it up in some foil and throw it in the fire to bake. Leftovers or midnight snacking will still be tasty too! From Breakfast to Dinner you can make any style burrito. All you need are a few ingredients and either a fire or a grill.

Another thing I love about burritos, especially with kids, is it's easy to switch up Campfire meals are the best and fun with the family. But I especially love a good camping meal because it fuels your day and gets you going.

2. Hot Dogs

Fun for the kids, and filling too! Put it on a stick and let it roast over the fire! Easy to make other recipes too! Throw it in some foil and its ready within minutes!

Since they're technically precooked, Hot Dogs are by far the lowest stake meat to cook over a fire. They're cheap, widely available, and there's zero chance you might accidentally undercook them.


3. Ribs/Pulled Pork

Vacuum seal the ribs, pulled pork and sliced brisket, freeze, and reheat in the bags in a pot of hot hot (not boiling!) water over your campfire. Works well with shredded chicken too. Doesn't take long for it to heat up, and the meat stays nice and juicy this way.

The secret to these melt-in-your-mouth ribs is an all-day cook over a campfire, so be sure to get started early in the day. To keep it simple, you can make the sauce ahead of time. And don't forget the napkins – getting stuck into these mouthwatering morsels is going to get messy.


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