Hiking For Stress Relief, Depression, and Anxiety

1. Provides Perspective In Life

Often, anxiety and depression cause people to lose sight of the big picture. Instead of enjoying life, people struggling with depression or anxiety become stuck focusing on the small challenges, failures and disappointments that happen on a daily basis. But hiking in natural settings can help you bust out of this rut and gain a bit of perspective.

If you find yourself overwhelmed from work, it may be a good idea to find your local mountain or a hike trail. There is a beautiful world out there for you to enjoy! Best of all it's all on your own time, no race, or pressure to hurry!

Overall with hiking, if your also an insomniac (Can't sleep at night), try hiking! It may calm you during the night, as it's also a workout.

2. Clear Your Mind - Mental Stability 


Hiking through nature is more effective than taking a stroll through the city. Although walking has its certain physical health benefits, being one with nature has its additional mental benefits. When the mind is stable you start to reduce fatigue.

If your feeling down, sluggish or maybe stressed out, it's best to escape from your mind by visiting a local trail. No need to spend hours. just take in the fresh air, and think about how thankful you are to be in a position you are in right now. Time in nature can help with your personal relationships, too. Natural beauty results in more prosocial behaviors, like generosity and empathy. 

At times, you might feel lost, and begin to wonder what life is all about. A dose of awe might remind you just how wondrous the world is. Nature provides trees that were hundreds of years old before you were even born, towering mountains that touch the clouds and a sky full of uncountable stars. When it comes to awe-inspiring awesomeness, nature leaves our jaws dropping and spines tingling, and rekindles the realization that we’re a tiny part of an incredible universe. What’s more powerful than that?

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