Top 5 Best Camping Blankets

When it comes to camping everyone knows when it comes to camp bedding, the sleeping bag is the first thing we think of, maybe yet the tent as well. Sleeping bags contain you like a mummy, maintaining the warmth, even at sub zero temperatures. Technical sleeping bags are for the high alpine hikes, and while they now come in a variety of shapes and temperature ratings, sleeping bags tend to be harder to use.


Enter the camp blanket. Often made using the same functional materials as sleeping bags, materials like water-repellent down insulation and ripstop nylon shells, camp blankets fulfill a similar function. A camp blanket is (usually) dark in color and woolen. They provide warmth away from the comforts of home, but beyond that, they offer more flexibility, and they do it with more style. yet still warm and comfortable. For really cold weather a wool or wool blend is best, while for warmer weather any of the lightweight camping blankets will do just fine.

Without the restriction of a zipper, you won't be wrapped up like a cocoon, and camping blankets is more ideal for casual sleeping.



We all have that one friend. Your forever wingman, who lives for last-minute road trips and day-of concert tix. Who always gets an extra order of nachos “for the table.” Who just plain gets YOU. We can’t imagine an adventure that wouldn’t be better by bringing your Bestie. Finished with super-soft fabrics on both sides, it’s great over rough rocks or pokey grass...around the campfire or the an extra layer over or under your sleeping bag...or a gift for your BFF, IRL.



It's the perfect size, weight, and warmth! I like that one side is not slippery but still is smooth enough to not hold on to the random junk outside. I use this blanket camping, lounging and traveling. It is my favorite blanket.  appealing enough to keep and use! It’s light but cozy & well sized. The stuff sack is super convenient. Great for sitting around the campfire. Weights about 1 pound Heavy Duty, and has many colors you can choose from. Has loops around the corners so it can stay still. Made of nylon and fleece, and it is super easy to pack away!

2. RUMPL "The NanoLoft" Blanket


It's soft and warm. It's lighter and thinner in weight than the original and packs down smaller. The down blanket packs down even lighter. They are very slippery though and do slide of the bed sometimes. Made of 100% post-consumer recycle, and the first-ever synthetic alternative. The technology traps warmth inside pockets of air to efficiently preserve heat, regardless of any conditions. So comfortable and warm and easy to travel with.

Rumpl’s first-ever synthetic alternative to down is a breakthrough in blanket insulation technology. Unlike traditional synthetic fills, our 100% post-consumer recycled NanoLoft® insulation is made up of tiny circular clusters of fiber that mimic the properties of down clusters. This technology traps warmth inside small pockets of air to efficiently preserve heat, regardless of conditions. This plush blanket is now available in solids and prints.


Weighing over 4 lbs, Arcturus Wool Blankets are designed for years of use. These blankets are great for camping, outdoors and emergency kits. Best of all, they're machine-washable which means you don't have to worry about getting it dirty (or dry cleaning bills). And hey - what's better than a warm blanket? A warm blanket that didn't eat your wallet for lunch. Hope you enjoy it.

These blankets are loom-woven to ensure even texture and thickness. A solid lock-stitch prevents the edges from fraying. At over 5 feet by 7 feet, the Arcturus Essential Wool Blanket is just the right size to have with you nearly everywhere without being too bulky and cumbersome. It's the sweet spot in size.

4. Therm-a-Rest Blankets

The Stellar Blanket combines packability, fast-drying technical fabrics and insulation to do everything a traditional blanket does-and so much more. Part of our Trek & Travel™ Series, it's equally at home on the trail in fair weather, around camp, on the beach, or anywhere you want a bit of technical performance with classic warmth and function. Includes perimeter snap loops for mating with other Therm-a-Rest blankets, quilts, sheets and Mattress Snap Kits.

  • Water-Resistant Warmth: Efficient and compressible insulation uses hollow fibers to reduce weight without sacrificing warmth.
  • Next-to-Skin Comfort: Soft-touch polyester lining.
  • Added Comfort: Draw cord at bottom edge reduces drafts and cinches around feet to keep the blanket in place.
  • Versatile: Perimeter snap loops mate with another Therm-a-Rest quilt, blanket, sheet or Mattress Snap Kit.
  • Packable: Easily compresses into built-in pocket for go-anywhere convenience.

5. 4Monster Outdoor Down Blankets Camping Blanket

Sturdy and durable, it protects the blanket from scratches by small stones or branches on the ground. No need to worry about rain or wind in outdoor use. PS: It is recommended to put a down blanket under the sleeping bag to provide better comfort.
It is super warm, extremely lightweight, and packs up nice and small. Once it is unstuffed and fluffed up it traps so much heat it can be too warm, depending on conditions. The snaps allow you to configure it as a type of poncho for hands free wear around camp (or the fire, or the living room). You can also just snap a couple of the snaps longways and it makes a bit of a foot box to use this blanket as warm weather backpacking quilt. Can't speak about the durability as I have only had this blanket a couple weeks but so far the whole family is fighting over it and I want to buy a few more for my family and friends.
Bigger then other brands and actually wrap around you and can be used to warm up at critical times. Stuffs down great to put in car for games, camping, around camp fires and a added layer to keep warm camping. I Bought extra to put on bed. Real down! After 3 days nice and puffy and full on king bed.
  • High quality down and steam sterilized, provide long-term and guaranteed warmth. All our down product come from Non Live-Plucked Products Guaranteed manufacturer. No animals received physical or mental harm during the production process.
  • Comes with a stuff sack with strap for easy carrying on the back. When the down blanket was put into the bag, it was only half the size of a pillow, and the total weight was only 1.2 pounds.
  • 20D380T nylon, W / R waterproof coating. Resistant to stones, branches and other natural elements. High quality stitching and durable accessories, pet’s hair free. We only provide the best products to our customers.
  • Perfect choice for camping, hiking, travel and picnic. You may also wear it like poncho with the snaps on the blanket. Not just for outdoor, but also for home use and sofa.

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